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Personal website for JPC.

The Disability.

I am legally disabled under the Social Security Act as of November 2005, and so I am unemployed due to my physical disabilities.

I have a condition in both of my hands called "Dupuytren's Contractures" link HERE. My hands were first injured in an accident on a job around 1982, where my left hand - small finger was caught and crimped by a truck loading ramp, as the finger / hand healed it developed the Dupuytren Contractures and then over the course of years the condition proceeded to spread through both hands.

I also has a second injury of a severe abdominal strain from my over exertion that occurred on another job in 1994 as a "Maintenance & Modification Inspector" at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (CCNPP), so thereafter two (2) operations in 1995-96 and I was much improved but I still can not remain standing for long periods but I can walk and drive without assistance.

Note: I did not report my injury to CCNPP because I expected it to heal, and after I discovered the injury would not heal then it was too late to make such a claim.

And my lower back-bone was injured in an event which collapsed the cartilages in the backbone. This back injury still occasionally flares up but it seems to be mostly controlled by limited activities.

So my disabilities will be an issue with me for the rest of my days.

           I was born March 17, 1956.